About Me

Hello, I’m Aswin Kumar.

Polyglot Programmer. Freelancer. Open Source enthusiast. Currently, Full Stack Developer. Live in Chennai, India.

Started to sharpen my coding skills in my sophomore year, Began my professional career as a Software Developer in Citrisys Solutions as Software Developer in ATG Framework. Now, I work at RedBlackTree as a FullStack Developer. Being an individual freelancer or hobbyist programmer developed some serious projects, ranging from highly scalable websites with great SEO and heavy micro-data scoring over 95% in Google Page insights tool to Hybrid Mobile Application, I consider myself as a reasonably experienced Web Developer.

I code in Python (Django to be specific), Java, Rails, Meteor, Angular2, Cordova. However not limited to the above. I believe that technology/language is not a barrier for a good programmer. I love automating things. I follow

If you do it once, great. If you do it twice, frown. If you do it three times, automate it.

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