Python Month workshop in Chennai

I’ve been active for about a year in Chennaipy(Community for python lovers in Chennai). One day, while I was scrolling the blog of PyConIndia 2016, I found the blog post on Python Month in which, I found Python Express a dedicated site that connected institutions who need speech/workshop/training with volunteers. I have previously delivered guest lectures in my college and other college through KLUG(Kongu Linux Users Group) inspired by ILUGC(Indian Linux Users Group - Chennai). Since I left my college I had no opportunity to train students. On seeing Python Express, I was very much eager to continue which I left in my college days. So I registered without any second thought. I few days I got a mail from Vijay from chennaipy for the Python 101 workshop in Rajalakshmi Engineering College(RCE). I immediately accepted the workshop.

Dr.Jeyashri from RCE contacted me and kept me in loop with all the updates till the day of the workshop. Transport, Breakfast and Lunch were all taken care by the college, Thanks to Dr.Jeyashri, HOD of Computer Science Dept and the management of Rajalakshmi Engineering College for all their efforts in keeping me really comfort. I came to know that the workshop was for about 60 students conducted by TechFest - IIT Bombay for Empowering Women In Python.

Workshop started sharp 9:30 pm. After the Inaugural speech by HOD of Computer Science Dept, I started with the facts that would motivate students to learn python. I could clearly see the curiosity in students. Then I started explaining where all python can be used and the pros and cons of using python in different applications. Then I gradually moved into programming concepts. Starting with hello world program, covered Data Types, Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries, Control Flows Functions and OOPs concepts. The students picked it up quickly. Students were super excited and shooting me series of questions.

I kept moving between the computers and solving every possible error that I could and clearing most of the doubts they had. The session about to end by 2.30 in the evening. Though I was unable to cover few concepts like Decorators due to time constrains, I felt that this would be sufficient for the first day and they should not be overloaded with these advanced concepts since I could see how hard it was for them to get into concepts like List Comprehension and List Slicing (yes I gave them tough problems to solve).

By 2:35 PM HOD of Computer Science came in and the session ended after his speech and few feedback from students.

This was my first worst workshop, (in KLUG it was all guest lectures and mini-project guidance), and I really got a lot of opportunity to learn how the students think what all the common mistakes that students do. Thank you for the organizers involved for this workshop Dept of CSE,RCE, @pythonexpress, @chennaipy and Techfest - IIT Bombay.

It was really a great day.

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